In order to promote and develop the democratic spirit, functioning and leadership quality among the students, the college constitutes a general body of all regular enrolled students which shall be known as “Government College Doimukh Students’ Union”. The students’ union shall devote on the student activities and their welfare in the college. The Principal, Government College Doimukh is an ex-officio President of the Students’ Union. The General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary shall be the Office Bearers while all other portfolios will be treated as Executive Members. The Office Bearers shall be elected/selected from the senior students (II, III, IV, V & VI semester students only) while the rest posts are open for all. The Election of Students’ Union will be conducted as per the recommendation of Lyngdoh Committee report. The following are the members of the executive body of the Students Union of the college for the session 2018-19:


1. General Secretary :    Shri Nabam Gunia, B.A Vth Semester
2. Assistant General Secretary :    Shri Licha Tage, B.A Vth Semester
3. Cultural Secretary :    Ms. Milli Pumin, B.A III Semester
4. Asst. Cultural Secretary :    Shri Sasu Bui, B.A III Semester
5. Games & Sports Secretary :    Shri Taba Mathew, B.A III Semester
6. Asst. Games & Sports Secretary :    Shri Nabam Ita, B.A III Semester
7. Literary Secretary :    Ms Tana Anju, B.A. IIIrd Semester
8. Asst. Literary Secretary :    Shri Puji Tagang Famter, B.A III Semester
9. Social Secretary :    Shri Dado Isaac, B.A III Semester
10. Asst. Social Secretary :    Shri Techi Nehru, B.A III Semester
11. Editor College Magazine :    Shri Hillang Kami, B.A Vth Semester