Rules and guidelines

1. Migration certificate is required for those students who have passed their class XII examination from outside the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
2. Eligibility conditions enshrined in Part VI A & B shall be strictly followed during the admission and filling up of University examination form.
3. Student’s attendance will be monitored and reviewed every month. The cumulative attendance of student will be forwarded to the DHE for consideration of awarding stipend as per prescribed rules and guidelines of granting stipend to APST candidates.
4. Student must attend the requisite percentage of attendance without which he/she will not be allowed to appear in the House Test. Apart from this, the APST student will also forfeit their claim for stipend.
5. House Test (in all papers) is mandatory for all students in order to appear in the annual examination. A 10% weightage is given for the House Test whereas the students have to appear for 90% marks in the annual examination.
6. Students who do not appear in the House Test will have to take fresh admission in the next academic session.
7. If a student after getting Admit Card does not appear or having appeared fails in the examination, will get a maximum of two chances to clear the said examination as Late College Candidate without attending classes in the next two consecutive years.
8. Students are to fill up admission/examination form personally and with utmost care. Any wrong entry of subject/paper/information may lead to cancellation of candidature even if detected at later stage.
9. Student will get only one chance to clear the compartmental examination in the next immediate university examination. If they fail to clear such examination, they will be reverted to lower class.
10. Under “Annual System”, The three year course must be completed within a maximum period of six years from the year of admission in BA I Year in the college.
11. Under Semester System sessional tests are compulsory and one must secure minimum qualifying marks in these tests which shall carry 20 marks in each paper. Those who fail in sessional tests will not be allowed to appear the end semester examinations.
12. A student may apply for re-evaluation/rte-checking of answer book (s) within 30 days of the declaration of results by paying requisite fee.



Code of conduct

1. Admission in the college implicitly implies the adherence/agreement of all rules/regulations/guidelines framed from time to time in order to have congenial/peaceful over all environments in the college.
2. Students are expected to maintain peace, tranquillity, communal harmony and universal brotherhood in all respect. They are to exhibit strict discipline and abide by the rules that govern them. Any breach of discipline/rule will invite strict action including expulsion from the college.
3. They are to be well mannered and polite in their dealing/conduct with the members of the college community in particular and the people in general.
4. Students must be helpful and polite to the guests/visitors of the college. The guest/visitor should be extended with assistance in whatever way possible.
5. Students should actively participate in all functions/programmes including Annual College Day and other co-curricular activities.
6. Students should display high moral ethics especially during examination by not indulging in any unfair-means and breach of discipline which will be severely punished.
7. Students must maintain silence during working hours. They should desist from disturbing in library/classroom/office by talking or gossiping loudly and loitering along the veranda or corridors.
8. Students are not expected to enter the Principal’s Chamber and Teacher’s Common Room without permission.
9. Students must endeavour to keep the college compound neat and clean. They should not indulge in defacing the college walls or buildings by spitting, slogan writing, pasting poster, etc.
10. Students are expected to gather all relevant information from Notice Board to be notified from time to time.
11. It is mandatory for all the students to produce clearance certificate from library/storekeeper/NSS/NCC, etc. for issuance of University Admit Card/Certificate and Caution Money.
12. Use of any intoxicated substance such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarette, gutka, tiranga, etc. are strictly prohibited. Mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the class room and examination hall.
13. Students must maintain proper dress code reflecting all decency and etiquette. Any type of vulgarity and indecent dress will not be tolerated.
14. Ragging in any form/manner is strictly prohibited. Any student indulging in ragging will attract punishment as per the law of the land directed from the Supreme Court of India.
15. Any divisive activity forces based on caste, creed, communal, race, religion, region, etc. by an individual/group or organisation (s) will not be tolerated. Strict action will be initiated against the defaulter.